Hudson Gardens

Hudson Gardens

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The Hudson Gardens and Event Center is a wonderful botanical open-air garden in the heart of Littleton. It is situated right on the Santa Fe Drive highway, between historic Littleton and Denver.

It is a non-commercial botanical gardens, located on the South Platform River. Entrance to the park is never chargeable unless there is a specific activity. Stroll along enchanting cobbled trails leading to wildlife in the heart of Colorado.

Outdoor Botanical Gardens of Littleton
The exclusive area of 30 hectares is used for conducting educational programs, excursions, general beekeeping, special occasions, including company meetings and wedding receptions. The most popular yearly event is the series of summer concerts, which are held on weekends from June to September.

The entrance to the garden is available daily all year round and is free every day. It is generally not open from 9am to 5pm from April to October and from 10am to 3pm from November to March, so be sure to schedule in advance. There is a souvenir store with local decorations, regional honey, cheerful toys and presents for your garden. As with most nature sites, you need to have pets at home.

Garden Features
In the Hudson Garden many species of plants and animals. Various ecosystems and creatures provide a special environment.

  • Wetlands
  • honey beekeeping
  • Rose garden
  • River integration project
  • Tree Collections
  • Water Gardens
  • Vegetable garden and pumpkin patch
  • Gardens of Singing Birds
  • Garden Railway
  • 7AM–7PM
  • 7AM–7PM
  • 7AM–7PM
  • 7AM–7PM
  • 7AM–7PM
  • 7AM–7PM
  • 7AM–7PM