Hortense Miller Garden

Hortense Miller Garden

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The house and garden of Hortense Miller occupies 2.5 acres on the beach of Laguna and exudes both local and exotic views in the picturesque surroundings of the seaside salvia scrub. The contemporary mansion, which dates back to the middle of the century, and the historic garden face a sturdy canyon with spectacular scenery.

The garden shows a number of green plants suitable for growing in tropical regions of Southern California. This is a resource for providing visual insights and suggestions for those contemplating their gardens. The application of fertilizers and chemical means of control in the garden is restricted to stimulate different species of plants and wild animals. Our club provides financial support, and some of its members are volunteers.

Friends of Hortense Miller Garden provide guided tours of the garden and the house on a mountainside. The tours begin at 10:00 am and are held one Thursday a month and most of the Saturday (varies from month to month).

Since the house and garden are situated in a separate, closed environment, excursion teams meet at a specific location and by car to the property with an Associate Professor.

The excursions last about 2 hours and a convenient, flat shoe sole is offered because of the cool and bumpy tracks. All around the garden there are benches and places to relax.