Historic Spanish Point

Historic Spanish Point

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The lush oasis is located in a quiet osprey away from the Tamiami trail and is an oasis with a long history. Since AD ​​300, humans have lived on 30 acres of waterfront land. There are no longer full-time residents, but every day there are many curious tourists trying to understand its long and varied history.

The charm and charm of Spanish monuments can easily be summed up in four P’s: Prehistoric, Pioneer, Palmer and Plant.


Historic Spanish Point may be the most archaeologically valuable part of the land of Sarasota County. Its first inhabitants were the Manasota culture, who settled on the site and lived there for more than 500 years. Their existence dates back to prehistoric times, covering most of the sites and the cemetery at the entrance to the park, and has been proven by the shell mound.

Miden is basically like a huge hill or hill, made up mostly of mollusc shells, clay, fish bones, etc. For a thousand years, Midens has built a sea-level park to keep the park safe during stormy seasons. When you walk around the premises, you will see shells of various sizes among the leaves. If you hike with volunteers, you will find that every shell in the house is eaten and thrown into the sea.

Guests can also enter these clusters of shells and visit the archaeological excavation site, where there is a pile of discarded waste. In a short video, each level explains how to tell scientists a valuable story about the people who lived here long before modern civilization.


In the 1,000 years since Manasota’s last man moved to other places, we have taken a big step forward and welcome a new generation of historic residents. The Weber family traveled from Utica, New York to Florida in 1867. Locals in South Florida consider high altitude the most desirable place in the country and take them to Spain. They claimed to own the land and opened many commercial businesses to ensure Homestead’s success.

Today’s guests can visit the Web Pack Station, Pioneer Cemetery, Mary Church, and Gupper House. Web Packing House introduced the farmer’s citrus packing and transportation work. At Mary Church you can ring the church bells and pay your respects to the Weber family in the nearby cemetery. The fully restored two story wooden house Gupple House is now recognized as the location of the shell pyramid. The style of the decoration of this house keeps up with the times and visitors can see the superb skills of the pioneers.


The Weber family eventually sold the land to an American businessman from Chicago, Illinois, celebrity and philanthropist Bertha Palmer (Bertha Palmer). Ms. Palmer is one of Sarasota County’s most prominent and influential residents. At some point, she owned more than 90,000 acres of land in Sarasota and without her many of our developed cities would cease to exist today. But Spanish Point is her favorite place of hers and the place where she finally built her house.


It is still possible to wander through the beautiful and well-preserved Ms. Palmer Gardens throughout the park. Duchen Lone and Classic Portal paid homage to Ms. Palmer’s favorite landscape architect at the time. The jungle path and aqueduct look like a secret tropical garden with lush greenery and comfortable shaded spaces. On the contrary, the open ground of the pergola and the sunken garden offer a magnificent panoramic view of the adjacent bay.

In addition to the garden, you can also enjoy Florida’s native flora, such as coastal mangroves, oaks, pines, and ferns. The large butterfly garden can host butterfly populations throughout the year and is also recommended for families and wildlife lovers.

If you want to enjoy Spanish historical sites, we recommend that you visit. The park not only offers tram tours, but also offers excursions to delve into the unique history of the park. The park is open 7 days a week and you can enjoy Sarasota’s special beauty and hidden history with your own eyes.

After the tour, you can spend a peaceful day in the park as a living window for picnics, take photos, and observe Sarasota’s ancient history.

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