Hidden Gardens

Hidden Gardens

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Michigan State University’s Hidden Lake Gardens is a 755-acre botanical garden and botanical garden located in the scenic Irish hills of southeastern Michigan. The Hidden Lake Gardens, open all year round, offer peaceful natural areas, picturesque landscapes and an impressive collection of ornamental plants.

“Harper Collection of Dwarfs and Rare Conifers” and “Benedict Jade Host Collection” are the most famous plant exhibits in the United States. The conservatory consists of three different rooms. It consists of three environments: tropical dome, arid dome and temperate house. The MacCready Bonsai series can be found in the outdoor bonsai yard and can be seen from May to October. With 6 miles of paved road and 15 miles of hiking trails, you can enjoy beautiful scenery, including hidden lakes. The visitor center has a gift shop, an auditorium, and classrooms for activities and educational programs.

Visit the Hidden Lake Garden, enjoy the ornamental garden, the beautiful natural environment, the professional collection of plants and the natural beauty.

Thousands of trees, shrubs and flowers are exhibited in the indoor and outdoor collections, arousing all kinds of interest. Inside, plants such as bamboo, bananas, cocoa, coffee, sugar cane, cassava and vanilla are exhibited. There are over 5 miles of hiking trails.