Hermitage Garden

Hermitage Garden

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This historic plantation and museum is the residence of President Andrew Jackson. The original two-story Federal-style mansion was built in 1821 by skilled slaves. Ten years later, Jackson rebuilt the house, but it was badly damaged by the fire. The current Classical Greek Revival-style palace was completed in 1835. Inside you will find typography-printed wallpaper, Italian marble cloaks, crystal chandeliers, oval cantilevered staircases and time furniture and family souvenirs. In addition to Jackson’s grave, it also houses a chapel, beautiful gardens and restored slave quarters and is designated as a national park.

Inside the museum, there are exhibits chronicling the life of President Jackson and the first lot in the history of the Winter Palace. You can also watch a short film about an orphan who was abused before becoming the country’s highest authority. President Jackson planted many of the cedar treeson the guitar-shaped path leading to the mansion.

Upon entering the building, you will find a room decorated with antiques and Jackson family memorabilia. The Greek Revival interior uses wallpaper imported from France around 1825. The wallpaper is made using more than 3,000 wooden blocks and the design is hand printed and colored.

Inside the premises are the graves of the president and Mrs. Jackson. The limestone monument’s copper roof was completed in 1832. Designed by William Frost in 1819, the 1-acre formal garden is furnished in the style of a British square kitchen.

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