Heathcote Botanical Gardens

Heathcote Botanical Gardens

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Heathcote Botanical Gardens  was formerly used as a nursery. Heathcote Botanical Gardens has themed gardens such as the Japanese Garden, Reflection Garden, Herb Garden, Rainforest Exhibition Area, Local Botanical Garden, Palm Trees, and Cicads Walk. There are also flowering shrubs, bulbs, trees and herbs in the garden. Heathcote Botanical Gardens is located in United States Department of Agriculture Plant Difficulty Zone 9b, which is a biological transition zone between the warm temperate zone in the north and the subtropical zone in the south. Plants are usually labeled. Farms and gardens in Florida in the 1880s had interesting functions.

Heathcote Botanical Gardens covers 3.5 acres and was home to a nursery for criminals in the 1930s. It is a quiet retreat in Fort Pierce.

The Garden of Lights is a large-scale fundraising activity, with tens of thousands of small Christmas lights decorating the entire garden. On the evening of the weekend before Christmas, more than 10,000 people gather each year.

The most famous of Heathcote Botanical Gardens is the James J. Smith Bonsai Collection, which is the largest collection of tropical bonsai in the country. Compared to any other public exhibit in the United States, this series has more bonsai on display throughout the year. The collection contains 26 species, but nearly half are Ficus. There are more than 100 specimens of bonsai trees, from the giant buttonwood estimated at 200 years to the magnificent jabuticaba designed by John Naka in 1973.

Calendar of events: https://www.heathcotebotanicalgardens.org/calendar-events-workshops/

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