Garden in the Woods

Garden in the Woods

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The Woodland Garden is part of the New England Wildflower Association, New England’s premier wildflower garden with over 1,000 native plants. For children, the trails seen here seem magical. The main trail, Curtis Path, is about a mile long. If you want to take longer and steeper roads, try forest-like trails. In any case, please collect the scavengers after arriving at the garden center. There are two types, one for children and the other for older.

At the start of the Curtis trail is Lily Pond, which is a highlight for children. The pond is very shallow and there is a small floating island with many brightly painted frogs, turtles and dragonflies and wildflowers around. It is difficult to separate children from the pond. At one point, we saw a large frog about a foot from where we were. The wildlife is fascinating, but if you are looking for a scavenger, you can start.

Take a break from the main ring road and admire the flowers on the Summer Hop Brook trail. The content of the exhibition changes every year, so you won’t get tired of watching it. This part can also include “ideal gardens” with hanging gardens, edible plants and hanging gardens. The comment board contains detailed information about the garden and habitat.