Fountain Place Dallas

Fountain Place Dallas

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Fountain Place was completed in 1986. It is located in the arts district on the edge of the downtown Dallas business district. It is shared with landscape architects Dan Kiley and Peter Car Walker on a 5.5 acre lot. square adopts the WET design. This public space was originally called “Union Square” and is located at the foot of the 60-story, geometrically sloping glass tower.

The square is conceived as a unique and refreshing meeting place in the city: it is a circular granite planter on a 15-foot-long grid surrounded by terraced water and planted with chalk cypresses. The stairs on the street rise to intersect the water, and the water flows like a low waterfall between the terraces, surrounding the stairs and plantations. There is also a low fountain among the four trees. Go up the stairs to the courtyard, behind the courtyard is a swimming pool surrounded by a cypress fence.

The courtyard can alternatively be used as an electronically controlled fountain effect, or it can be used as a place where many people gather when the fountain stops. Night lighting adds luster to the park.