Foster Park Floral Area

Foster Park Floral Area

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Foster Park includes a large garden, three historic outdoor pavilions, a playground, a baseball field, tennis courts and a replica of Abraham Lincoln’s native cottage. Foster Park is also home to the city’s first public golf course, built in 1927. A pedestrian bridge over the St. Mary’s River in 1928, designed by engineer A.K. Hofer, connects Foster Park and Indian Country Park. In recent years, Foster Park has been connected to the Greenway River along the St Mary’s River, St Joseph’s River, and the Maumee River.

What to do

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The surrounding parks and forests provide an excellent backdrop for challenging courses. The course is kept in good condition, the holes are closed and the course is easily accessible. For more information, visit

Pawster Pooch Playground

Pawster Pooch Playgroundis located on Winchester Road in Foster West, just off Bluffton Road. Public facilities owned and operated by the Fort Wayne Department of Parks and Recreation. All dogs (except females in the cycle of estrus) can play in the park. All dogs must follow the rules described on the Pawster website.

West Foster

Foster West is an extension of Foster Park, located on Winchester Road. Available services include:

  • Ball Diamonds
  • Restrooms
  • Soccer
  • Pawster Dog Park
  • Rivergreenway
  • Playgrounds

Playground equipment for many ages. Slide, swing, all-round gym in the jungle. It is right next to the Foster Pavilion II.

Flower area

Foster Park is filled with beautiful flowers every season. You can enjoy the colors and types of plants in every season (such as spring, summer and fall).

Green River Road

If you like running, walking, biking and roller blading, the Greenway River Trail is perfect for you. The Foster Park circle is about two miles long and can be driven further north and south. Please check the River Greenway link for more information.