Fort Worth Botanic Garden

Fort Worth Botanic Garden

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Fort Worth Botanical Garden is located west of downtown Fort Worth, Texas, covers 109 acres and was originally called the Rocksprings Botanical Garden. The original 33-acre garden, built in 1933, was designed by the father and son of Sidney Hair and S. Herbert Hair at their offices in Kansas City, Missouri. The biggest feature of the hair and hair design are the terraces of the municipal rose garden in the French and Italian Revival style. The original garden was part of the Great Depression occupation plan. The garden is the oldest botanical garden in Texas and was registered in the National Historic Site on February 13, 2009.

The botanical garden consists of 22 specialized gardens, of which there are more than 2500 plant species, a garden shed, an experimental garden for the general public all year round and naturalization areas and landscapes. Quaint gardens include gardens with seasonal streams, fragrant gardens, Japanese gardens with carp ponds and cascades, and maple trees. The garden was designed in 1970 by reusing gravel pits, taking advantage of the US military use as a landfill during World War II.

From an exotic nature conservation perspective, plan to visit world-famous Japanese gardens, including carp pools, sculpted hills, exquisite stone carvings, and fascinating waterfalls. Or stroll the winding tropical plant trail in the 10,000-square-foot greenhouse.

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