Fernwood Botanical Garden

Fernwood Botanical Garden

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Fenwood is a special place where people, plants and nature come together. The beautiful garden is surrounded by beautiful woodlands and is set in 105 acres of arable natural landscape in the picturesque St. Joseph River Valley. Fenwood Nature Reserve is a mysterious place, with tall trees, tranquil ponds, abundant springs, and carpets of wildflowers that draw people over and over again.

This trail leads to all corners of the nature reserve, where visitors can see various wild plants and animals. The trail has a steep ascent and a slight descent. It’s simple so you can get closer to nature. The flooring is still wood chips and earth, there are stairs on the slopes and walkways on the wetlands. In addition, the benches are installed so that you can take a break while enjoying the beautiful scenery. The sanctuary protects endangered species of plants and animals in Michigan. Fernwood, which retains 10 treasure hunting locations, is a good place for treasure hunting.

There are local flora and fauna exhibits, bird watching stations, nature courses, and programs in the nature center building.

The path in the garden is paved, but the path in the reserve is not for the disabled.

Stop at the nature center, where there is an exhibit of local animals and an area for bird watching. The visitor center has an art gallery, library, greenhouse, café, plant shop, and gift shop.

Calendar of events: https://www.fernwoodbotanical.org/list-of-events