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South Florida’s true natural treasure is the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden. The botanical garden sits on 35.5 acres of land and gathers the most unique tropical plants, including rare flowers and trees such as palm trees, cycads, sausage trees and “cannon trees”, as well as vines up to 170 meters long. brilliant. The 14 lakes and the varied tropical and subtropical vegetation are worth visiting. Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden was founded in 1936 by accountant, lawyer and businessman Roberom H. Montgomery, who is passionate about harvesting greenery. It opened to the public in 1938. Montgomery’s best friend David Fairchild (David Fairchild) went to great lengths to create this paradise. Dr. Fairchild’s long journey brought many important plants to the United States, including mangoes, alfalfa, nectarines, dates, mustard, bamboo, and cherry blossoms. His contribution to the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden is impressive because it is still growing in the garden today, including many plants collected and planted by Dr. Fairchild and the giant African baobab. The landscape design of the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden was designed by Fredericon Lo Ormstedom, one of South Florida’s leading designers in the 1930s.

Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden is the premier center for research, gardening and protection of tropical plants, hoping to prevent the extinction of some of its species. For more than 70 years, botanical garden scientists have created a diverse collection of living palm trees, horticultural data and image libraries, dried palm herbarium, and even palm DNA samples. In 2002, we launched an awareness program to provide environmental information with the aim of increasing the environmental awareness of garden users and local residents (especially young people). Only Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden can directly see this important scientific research.

Take the tram to visit the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden and see South Florida’s best plants. Here you can see an acre of rainforest, waterfalls, streams and scenic lakes, which are planted with tropical plants from around the world. This trip will also give you a closer look at the inhabitants of the botanical garden and various birds and animals. These are just a few plants in the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden, including orchids, bluebells, coral trees, rare types of palms and flowering trees, ferns, and methyl bromide plants. It is reasonable to say that it is the largest tropical botanical garden in all of the Americas. If you’re lucky, you can witness the rare large tropical plant Amorphophalus titanicas bloom, emitting a strong smell of rotten flesh as insects pollinate. The flowering period is within 2 days.

Various seasonal festivals, concerts and events take place throughout the year, including International Chocolate Festival, International Mango Festival, Butterfly Festival, Bird Festival, Running Festival and Cuisine. The Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden also has a bookshop and gift shop. At the local garden bar, you can eat delicious sandwiches and cocktails, made with tropical fruits picked in the garden.

Calendar of events: https://fairchildgarden.org/events/

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