Eureka Springs Gardens

Eureka Springs Gardens

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Eureka Springs Gardens is situated at the north-eastern corner of Arkansas, to the south of the frontier with Missouri. In the historic city center there are shops, art galleries and regional food service restaurants. Along with a visit to the local Cosmic Caverns and the winding Beaver Lake, Eureka Springs has two social gardens for the public.

Garden Services

Two gardens are available for viewing in Eureka Springs, the Blue Spring Heritage Center and Covenant Gardens. Blue Spring is listed in the National Register of Historic Sites and provides guests with over one mile of paths that cross three separate gardens, designed in Indian fashion. The Covenant Gardens is a Christian botanical garden. The guests wander along the paths that meander by flowing streams and chilly ponds, while inspirational music permeates the gardens.

Plant Types

Blue Spring brings three distinct gardens to explore. Herbs and native plants from several Native Americans are available in the Blue Spring Wheel Garden of Medicine. The Three Sisters Garden features three different cultures which some Native Americans have grown in a symbiotic bond – corn, beans, and squash. The Blue Spring Forest Garden has a naturally planted area along with native flora and fauna.

Hours of work and reception

The Blue Spring Heritage Center is open from early spring to late autumn. It is available every day during the daylight hours. For students aged 10 to 17 years a discount on admission is available, and for children aged 9 years and under it is free. Guests who wish to visit Covenant Gardens should first be in touch with the object within a few hours. Access to Covenant Gardens is an optional offer for the visitor.