Elizabethan Gardens

Elizabethan Gardens

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It is sponsored by the Garden Club of North Carolina, a 17,000-women’s nonprofit organization that built 2 out of 10 acres adjacent to Fort Raleigh National Park. Construction began on the historic day of June 2, 1953, when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned Queen of England. The garden was officially inaugurated on August 18, 1960, on the occasion of the 373rd birthday of Virginia Dare, the first daughter born in the United States of British parents. Since then, the garden has spread over 10 acres of land.

More than 100 types of woody shrubs and trees are planted in Queen Elizabeth’s garden. Elizabeth Gardens Historic Camellia Collection has a history of over 75 years, with more than 125 tree species and more than 385 trees, which are the garden’s most famous plant assets. Many camellias are propagated in cutting inserts and air layers and sold in greenhouse areas. Another important collection from Queen Elizabeth’s garden is the hydrangea and rhododendrons planted in the house.

Walking through the brick wall, you’ll find a magnificent collection of Renaissance statues, Queen Elizabeth’s Acoustic Service Observatory, Queen Elizabeth’s Knot Garden, and 10 acres of hydrangeas, native plants, perennials and camellia. Shows the changes during the year.

Calendar of events: https://www.elizabethangardens.org/calendar-of-events/events/