Edison and Ford Winter Estates Gardens

Edison and Ford Winter Estates Gardens

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Did you hear about two of America’s greatest inventors, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, own a cottage in Fort Myers, Florida? Here are some tips for exploring Edison Ford’s winter cottage.

Two oldest houses in the United States

Both Edison and Ford appreciated the glory of Southwest Florida and lived lots of winters in Florida. The country’s historical monuments are among of the most attended historical monuments in the United States.  It also has full access to 9 historic houses constructed in 1929 and a 15,000-square-foot museum invents, artifacts, documents and extraordinary galleries displays. You will have the opportunity to study the life of Edison and Ford and how they forged an enduring friendship. Tours of the museum and labs are offered daily. You can even join a VIP family tour to visit two Edison and Ford real estate areas which are usually private.

Watch Edison Ford Winter Estate’s invention come true

Visitors on the historian’s guided tour will discover how Edison turned Fort Myers from a herding town with a population of around 350 people and no roads or electricity to a thriving city on the water.

Edison’s 1920 workshop is on display here. This is a long-standing botanical research institute where Edison, Ford and Harvey Firestone planted the plants. They were trying to discover a raw material for making rubber, that would be commercially usable in car tires, planes and industrial plants during times of war emergency.

Exploration of the botanical garden

Edison Ford Estate also has more than 17,000 species of plants, flowers and natural resources. The estate owns more than 20 acres of botanical gardens avalaible to community.

Take a trip to the botanical garden or travel with gardeners every day to discover the plants. In the garden shop, purchase somet6hing foe your garden. There’s also a 90-minute behind-the-scenes garden tour.

Involvement of young inventors

Do you have kids curious about science and invention? Edison Ford Manor will host a “Young Inventor Tour” for children of all ages starting at 11:00 on Saturday morning. Children learn to be part of the assembly line, play phonographs and make rubber. Prices are USD 12 for adults, USD 8 for teenagers aged 13-19 and USD 5 for children ages 6-12. Children under 5 do not pay.

Attend the Edison Light Parade Festival

Each February, one of the most popular events in Southwest Florida is the Edison Festival of Lights in downtown Fort Myers. The festival pays tribute to Edison’s contribution to the region and concludes with one of the largest parades in the Southeastern United States. Read the Edison Light Festival Parade Guide and plan your holiday activities.

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