E I du Pont Garden

E I du Pont Garden

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High above the river Brandywine with a view of the unique powder mills, E. I. du Pont, father of the firm DuPont, constructed his home. For nearly a hundred years, the building in Georgian style and the adjacent set of buildings and gardens were the center of family and commercial activities. Since its construction was finished in 1803, the house has been inhabited by five generations of DuPont family members, every one of whom left its mark. Now you will be able to experience it as it was when the final family member stayed there, packed with furniture and pieces of American folk art, along with valuable family artifacts and objects imported with the family from France when they moved away in 1799.

The housing estate, which can be reached by one of the Hagley sightseeing buses, is a big pleasure zone, consisting of a barn, the house of the du Pont family, the “First Office” of the firm, the Lamot du Pont studio and the E. I. du Pont garden. Tours of the building and the first station are available during the day. The rest of the site is at your disposal to discover it at its very leisurely rate.

The first office of DuPont was constructed in 1837 and stayed the company’s core for more than fifty years. An earlier typewriter, books of account and a telegraph spanner represent the kind of business operations that were at one time housed in this office building.