Deep Cut Gardens

Deep Cut Gardens

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There are many interesting places in New Jersey, but no place is as family-friendly as Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown, with a long history and truly idyllic. This 54-acre park is now the garden center of the Monmouth County Park System, but it was turbulent. Vito Genovese bought the land in 1935 and redesigned the headquarters to remind him of his hometown, Naples, Italy. The Genovese used the area as a hiding place, imitating an Italian rock garden, creating a small pool and a replica of Vesuvius, scattered in the shade of weeping cherry trees. However, regardless of the history of such a beautiful garden, visiting the Deep Garden is always super fun and interesting. It is also a good place to go during the pandemic, with ample space that allows you to visit safely from a social distance.

More than 170 roses of 55 species have been planted in the renovated flowerbed. By walking in the park, asking staff about gardening, or using the reference library, explore new ways to improve your home garden. There are also plants and garden courses.