Cypress Gardens

Cypress Gardens

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Do you want to feel like you are in the swan boating scene from the movie “Notebook”? Visit the Cypress Gardens at Moncks Corner. The beautiful cypress garden on the outskirts of Charleston is nestled in a charming blackwater cypress swamp. From camellia in January to old roses in May, there are beautiful views in any season in this southern greenhouse. In addition to the gardens, you can also walk 3.5 miles of nature trails, butterfly houses with more than 12 butterflies, and Swampurium with various fish, amphibians, and reptiles.

Nowadays, Cypress Gardens is home to Florida’s newest and hottest theme park, the Legoland Florida Resort. Efforts are being made to preserve the history of the Cypress Garden, such as the banyan tree planted in 1939 and t waterskiing show, but now it appears as a Lego pirate. Admission to the Legoland Florida Resort includes access to this historic garden.

Waterskiing show

On the third Saturday of each month, locals and visitors alike watch the waterskiing show, which began in 1943 on Silver Lake in Winter Haven, Cypress Gardens. The current Cypress Garden Water Ski Team is an attempt by the Cypress Garden Water Skiers in the past, who are looking to pass on the legacy of high performance skiing to the next generation. The monthly ski show in summer (March to October) starts at 6pm and November to February at 4.30pm.