Crosby Arboretum Garden

Crosby Arboretum Garden

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The Crosby Botanical Garden in Picayune, Mississippi is recognized as one of the best native plant conservation facilities in the Southeastern United States. The botanical garden consists of 104 acres of land and 700 acres of protected areas, and is used primarily for scientific research on the ecosystem of the Pearl River Basin. The botanical garden showcases the three basic habitats found in this ecosystem: grassland, forest and aquatic life.

The protected area of ​​the park has more than 300 species of plants, shrubs, trees and herbs. The land of the park is the savannah, the long-leaved pine forest, the deciduous pine, the beech and the magnolia, the gentle Tupelo-Swan Bay, the deciduous bottom, the bald cypress-Tupelo, and is the richest and abundant in the world. different ecosystems. It has a variety of forests, including various wetlands, including a moist pine prairie along the Gulf of Mexico. The arboretum uses controlled combustion to bring many of its forests closer to the forests before the arrival of European settlers.

By maintaining, protecting and exhibiting native plants in the ecosystem of the Pearl River Basin, providing opportunities for environmental and plant research, and providing cultural, scientific and recreational projects, this mission is achieved.

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