Cleveland Botanical Garden

Cleveland Botanical Garden

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Cleveland Botanical Gardens has been a lush, beautiful and peaceful urban sanctuary in the college club since its inception in 1930. It is filled with plants and flowers collected from around the world, including its appearance. This is a good place to spend some Zen time.

CBG was built on the 10-acre former Cleveland Zoo, originally called the Cleveland Garden Center, and was the first organization of its kind in the United States.

What to see

Eleanor Armstrong Smith’s huge greenhouse covering an area of ​​18,000 square meters allows you to see two worlds at a glance. One of them is a replica of the Madagascar desert, where you can see alien baobab trees and succulent plants. The other is the reproduction of the Costa Rican rainforest, covered with giant strangling figs, avocados, coffee, papaya and chocolate trees. If you are stationary, you may find many butterflies on the head and sleeves.

When you are away, you can visit CBG’s Japanese Garden, Herb Garden, Rose Garden, and Manicured Garden. The secret of Hershey’s Children’s Garden’s popularity may lie in children’s participation in the design. There are tree houses, hidden paths in the tall grass and fountains with splashes of mist. Many plants in the area attract hornworms, butterflies, and native birds, so you have the opportunity to see them nearby.

What other ways to have fun?

Regardless of the season, CBG will provide special installations and procedures. The annual orchid show “Orchid Mania” will be held from January to March. From April to May, “Spring Bloom” is held every year to dispel the blues of winter. Additionally, the annual “GLOW” holiday event is held annually from autumn to winter.

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