Chicago Botanic Garden

Chicago Botanic Garden

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The campus is often described as an oasis in downtown Chicago, but the development of the campus as a botanical garden adds to this concept. Designed as an interconnected academic village, the main square of the original campus ranges from the Kramer bed overlooking the waterfront to the administrative building, to the newer garden that has been developed over the years, and the garden is introduced. However, the gardens are scattered throughout the 217-acre Hyde Park campus. New capital projects are increasing the variety of plant materials and garden spaces, and donated gardens are strengthening existing spaces. Despite the many gardening challenges Chicago Lakeside faces, the diverse spaces found throughout the campus are suitable for various environments, creating a microclimate that prevents people from growing plants in the Chicago area.

The garden development plan is based on a directive which should state that everything that has been installed must be kept. We know this is the key to our success. In this way I have established a close working relationship with the Landscape Services Department, sent employees for training and permits, and I have worked hard over the years to participate in the development of all the garden design processes that we recommend. They are an important part of the whole plan.

Just like every garden, day after day, year after year, this one is different. As the website is updated, we will be paying close attention to these changes to showcase specific plants on campus, introduce new gardens at the design stage and keep you informed of seasonal changes throughout the year. Please come down often.

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