Chase Garden

Chase Garden

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An exceptional specimen of the Pacific Northwest Modernist garden landscape, Chase Garden is a 4.5 acre garden that skillfully blends Japanese and mid-century design with a unique naturalistic look of the Pacific Northwest forest scenery. Situated in Ortig, Washington, the garden stands on a cliff, offering a magnificent view of the Puyallup River Valley, the wooded Cascade foothills and a memorable scenery of Mount Rainier. Emmott and Ione Chase have been working for over forty years since the 1960s to give a more artistic view of the natural environment, with snowdrifts of stone garden plants influenced by the wildflowers of Mount Rainier.

Since 1994, the Garden Conservatory has collaborated, first with Chase and then with many committed volunteers and employees, to conserve this essential garden. Over the years we have assisted in sharing the garden with the community, and when the garden was taken over by the Garden Conservatory in 2010, we pursued our goal of creating a community garden managed by the local people. After the search for a community institution to operate the garden did not bear fruit, in 2018 the estate was acquired by enthusiastic native gardeners. Although the Garden Conservatory is now under private ownership, it has guaranteed that its exceptional beauty will be permanently maintained and that the garden will be available to the public at a minimum two times a year, as required by the annex.