Chanticleer Garden

Chanticleer Garden

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Chanticleer Gardena is known as the most romantic, imaginative and exciting public garden in the United States. The garden is a place to study texture and form. Here the leaves take precedence over the flowers. The gardener is responsible for the design. The fountains are also sculptures. This is a garden full of joy and learning, full of ideas for relaxation.

After the owner’s death in 1990, the garden was significantly developed. Chanticleer, the residence of the Rosengarten family, is a beautiful and lush green area with impressive trees and lawns. Since 1990, most of the flower and garden development projects we see today have been designed by Chanticrea’s staff and consultants.

Seven gardeners are responsible for the design, planting and maintenance of each area. Each area is constantly developing and although each area has its own atmosphere, it is unified into a complete unit. Seasonal plants as well as tropical and subtropical plants with coarse texture are planted in Teacup Garden and Chanticrea Terrace. These areas change a lot every year. Non-durable plants overwinter in greenhouses and basements.

Tennis courts, ruins, gravel gardens and pond gardens are surrounded by rich woodlands and herbaceous perennials.