California Academy of Sciences

California Academy of Sciences

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Since one of the main goals of the Academy is to study different fields of science and subsequently enlighten the society, there are many fascinating exhibits to study. One minute you are watching the latest developments in botany, geology or biodiversity, and the next you are researching pre-historic toothed birds or encountering live anacondas. Samples from around the world adorn the interior of the Academy of Sciences, including an impressive exhibition of water treasures. Some of the features that visitors can now experience at the Academy of Sciences include:

a) Tour Rainforests of the World: This piece of rainforest heaven, encircled by a 90 foot diameter cupola, surrounds visitors with flying butterflies and live birds.

b)Hands-On Exploration: Stay in the Discovery Tidepool where hermit crabs, starfish, and other beings provide interactive learning about California.

C) Look at the stars: An advanced digital projection system follows a 180-degree planetarium display on which you can observe the Earth in real time using NASA data.

d) Visit the Naturalist Center: The Academy enables visitors to explore artifacts and samples at their Naturalist Center.

E) Lecture tour AND sightseeing: Go to a swamp where turtles, subtropical fish, and a rare white alligator offer a glimpse into the past.

E) Experience the night: The Academy offers little guests and their parents memorable nights on Fridays and Saturdays. These fun packages include live animal presentations, planetarium demonstrations, brunch snacks, tropical forest entrance until 20:00 and an early morning-time breakfast.