Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

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The Birmingham Botanical and Horticultural Society, which operates the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, was established in 1829 with an original capital subscription of 2000 pounds sterling. The Gardens Project was created by Scottish J.S. Laudon, who served as a major landscape gardener, gardening reporter and editor.

In fact, the general layout of the garden is the same as Ludon’s 1830 plan. It took 3 years to plan and build, and in 1832, the gardens were officially declared open to Society partners.

Glasshouses have always been the highlight. Tropical house was reconstructed, and other houses were upgraded and transplanted during large renovations. During its history, the Gardens have played an essential part as a community event center in the city, for flower programs, political gatherings, drama and music festivals, wedding parties, but particularly as a venue where kids could make daily visits. Sunday concerts in the entertainment ensemble, continue to be popular.

In an attempt to broaden its memberships, the Zoological Collection was launched in 1910, long before any similar enterprise appeared in other parts of the region. The number of animals that could be observed in the years that followed consisted of monkeys, seals, alligators, pythons and wallabies, but three bears were the most well remembered.

The gardens are also a component of the Birmingham Legacy Forum, and carry out various activities in conjunction with the company.