Berkshire Botanical Garden

Berkshire Botanical Garden

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Berkshire Botanical Gardens is a member-based, non-profit educational institution located at the intersection of National Highway 102 and National Highway 183 in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Courses, workshops, conferences and special events take place throughout the year. Since its inception, it has also provided various educational programs for children in schools in the surrounding areas.

The garden’s mission is to meet the community’s needs for information, education and inspiration about the art and science of gardening and environmental protection. The outdoor garden is open from May to mid-October. These functional and ornamental gardens are one of the oldest gardens in the United States and their typology has been expanded from year to year through a series of bequests and large donations. Our collection focuses on Berkshire endemic or cultivated plants.

Major annual events include plant sales, flower shows, Fett de Fleur garden parties, harvest festivals, and flea markets. Since the Garden Festival first organized its fundraiser in 1934, the Harvest Festival has been Berkshire’s most famous community gathering.

Calendar of events:

Sundays and Mondays: Free Admission for All