Asticou Gardens

Asticou Gardens

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Deliberately placed water, sand, rocks, flowers and trees intertwine with the planned path, allowing visitors to embark on a peaceful journey. There are various “rooms”, such as sitting on a stone bench to feel peace and solitude, or walking with crossed arms listening to wild birds.

Visitors can speak to professional volunteers who manage this Japanese garden. Every year, many volunteers (near and far) visit to participate in the protection of this oasis. One of the volunteers is Ivan Watters, the curator of the Chicago Botanic Garden, who described Asticou as an “Japanese garden with American flavor” rather than an “American-style Japanese garden”.

Each area of ​​the garden has special places and the atmosphere will change with the time and date. Throughout the season you can enjoy various colors and scents, such as rhododendrons, smoked shrubs, rhododendrons, irises and water lilies. Once you visit it, regardless of the season, you will have to visit it several times. Local wildlife adds a peaceful atmosphere to this magnificent garden.


Upon reaching the deserted mountain island, turn right onto Rte 102. Follow this route until you reach Highway 198 (Route 3). Turn left onto Highway 198/3. Go to Northeast Port. Look for the gatehouse with a large stone wall to your left. Go to the foot of the mountain, then turn left to the garden parking lot. Asticou Azalea Garden is located at the intersection of Highway 3 and Highway 198 before entering the village of Northeast Harbor.

Donation of 5$ is suggested