Arnold Arboretum Garden

Arnold Arboretum Garden

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The oldest public botanical garden in the United States was designed and launched by Frederick Law Olmsted in 1872. It is part of the famous “emerald necklace”. “Emerald Necklace” is a series of parks extending from Boston Common to Franklin Park. Arnold Aborium’s layout is adapted to the terrain, with picturesque forests, meadows, hills and valleys. The plant collection is led by Charles Sargent as founding director and Ernest’Chinese’Wilson is Arboritam’s most famous plant collector. The China Pass is planted with plants introduced by Wilson and a special collection of rhododendrons, conifers and two-leaved rhododendrons. The principle of the project is to use alien species in naturalistic groupings. This is considered an example of the “cognitive principle” of J.C. Loudon as the foundation of the garden style. The Arboretum is managed by the Harvard Board of Directors.

Welcome to the Arnold Botanical Garden. The 281 acres of land have more than 16,000 vegetation, anyone can explore. Whether you are going for a walk, looking for wildlife or you want to understand the stories and science behind the plants, we treat barrier-free facilities as a convenience and provide fun for everyone. We provide virtual walks, guided tours, “Expeditions” mobile apps, digital learning materials, etc. If you are traveling with children, we will provide various activities for the whole family. Not sure where to start? The visitor center staff will be happy to help you.

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