Arlie Gardens

Arlie Gardens

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Breathtaking sights such as elaborate gardens, local wildlife, historic buildings, promenades, sculptures, 10-acre freshwater lakes, and the magnificence of the 468-year-old Arlie Oak, locals and tourists Guests visit this historic building for generations.

Arlie Gardens, a 67-acre county park, has made a name for itself in the United States for its spectacular planting of over 100,000 azaleas and countless camellias.

Arlie history

Pembroke Jones and Sarah Jones Originally owned by the wealthy American merchant J. Pembroke Jones and his wife Sarah Jones. In 1886, the couple, who were about to get married, bought the 150 acres of land. Named “Arlie” after the Scottish homes of the Jones family’s ancestors.

The Jones family built an elaborate mansion on the premises with hardwood floors, high ceilings, tennis courts, a banquet hall with a ballroom, and 38 guest rooms.

Today, Arlie is a local treasure as one of the last undeveloped parcels along Bradley Creek. The gardens give the illusion that the past and present are flowing in perfect harmony, making it a sanctuary a few miles away from Wilmington’s bustling city.

The park balances the area’s natural habitat with an exhibition of pristine flowers. The Arlie Garden is home to more than 160 species of birds, with several local fish enjoying the 4,000-square-foot oyster reef habitat and re-nourishing salt marshes.

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