Allerton Garden

Allerton Garden

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Located on the southern coast of Kauai, between the Pacific Ocean and NTBG’s McBryde Garden, Allerton Garden is an eternal paradise created by the Queen of Hawaii, sugar cane growers, artists and architects.

There are deep curved rainforest trees in the garden, near the bronze mermaid, swaying golden bamboo forests, cut flower gardens and tropical fruit trees. Although the focus here is on landscape design, the plants planted include important species on tropical plants, including palm varieties, ki (ti), heliconia, and ginger.

Allerton Garden’s ancient history intersects with the top of Rawai Valley and is now McBryde Garden. Both are essential for ahupua’a (land division) in Rawai. The arrival of the first Europeans in the late 1700s and subsequent changes in the traditional Hawaiian lifestyle began to divide the history of the lower and upper parts of Rawai Valley.

Calendar of events:

Monday Closed
Tuesday 9AM–4PM
Wednesday 9AM–4PM
Thursday 9AM–4PM
Friday 9AM–4PM
Saturday 9AM–4PM
Sunday Closed