Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

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The garden is located in the tropical rainforest, overlooking bubbling streams, beautiful waterfalls and the Pacific coast. If you want to visit the Big Island, this is a must see place.

Don’t forget to look at the beautiful leaves from above. Everything in the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden is beautiful.


There is a short story about the garden at the entrance to the garden.

Dan Lutkenhaus (Dan Lutkenhaus) and his wife Pauline (Pauline) discovered the Onomea Valley in 1977 on vacation. The two were fascinated by its beauty and bought the land, but haven’t yet decided how to deal with it. Dan wanted to protect this land and decided not to engage in any commercial activity. Instead he decided to create a botanical garden to protect this valley forever.

Dan sold the San Francisco freight business and the two moved to the Big Island to spend more time building the botanical garden.

For eight years, Dan has been working in the garden every day with his assistant. To protect the natural environment, all work is done manually. He didn’t want to interrupt the roots of plants and trees, so he did all the work carefully. For example, he uses a wheelbarrow instead of a tractor and used natural terrain to create paths.

Garden tour

There are more than 2,000 tropical plants from all over the world in the garden. The garden covers 40 acres and has fertile volcanic soil, which is a good place for plant growth.

The beautifully patterned leaves and colorful flowers are eye catchers. This garden can be easy to visit, but you need to take some time to see it all and absorb it all.

First, take a walk in the woods. There are several routes, but all routes return to the main route, so you can see them.


What to see:

  • Onoma Falls.
  • There are beautiful and unique flowers on the Heliconia trail.
  • Dwarf pineapple from the tropical botanical garden of Hawaii
  • Twin Rocks view