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Green Gulch Garden


San Francisco Zen Center was founded in 1962 by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi (1904-1971) and his American followers. Suzuki Roshi is famous to innumerable people as the author of today's intellectual classics.

The San Francisco Zen Center has three practices: The Beginner Mind Temple, located in the bustling heart of San Francisco; Green Gulch Farm, whose natural parks face the ocean in Marin County; and Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, the first Soto Zen Training Convent on the west coast, situated in the Ventana Desert, deep in the country from Big Sur. Featuring everyday meditations, regular monastery visits and periods of practice, these three training centers offer activities, lectures and seminars.

The San Francisco Zen Center is a place of practice for various groups of college students, guests, laymen, priests and monks under the guidance of instructors who are committed to the Suzuki Roshi style - from warm hand and heart to warm hand and heart. Everyone is invited.

San Francisco Zen Center's Programs also extend to the local community by supporting inmates, the tramps and others who are recovering; protecting the environment; and working for peace. Suzuki Roshi's followers and disciples now manage dharma groups throughout the United States.

  • 9AM–5:30PM
  • 9AM–5:30PM
  • 9AM–5:30PM
  • 9AM–5:30PM
  • 9AM–5:30PM
  • 9AM–5:30PM
  • 9AM–5:30PM

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