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Fullerton Arboretum Garden


Blooming on the ground where there once was an orange forest, this section at the northern end of the Cal State Fullerton campus is the biggest floral garden in Orange County. Created with massive contributions and donations from CSU Fullerton residents, the arboretum is a great spot for walking among more than 4,000 plants and watching ducks have fun in garden pools and creeks. Discover collections dedicated to forests, deserts and Mediterranean species as well as extensive cultivated gardens, a new orchard and a new section of wild flowers.

If you are getting more excited, think about taking a guided nature tour, or go to Heritage 1894. - A neat Victorian-era villa, available on weekends and complete with associate professors wearing antique outfits.

The city oasis represents a botanical collection and provides a space for study, training and farming heritage in the region that attracts a diverse audience, including scholars and teachers, to get inspiration to carry out the mission. The goal is to give visitors the opportunity to discover and value the plant world through collections that conserve and encourage the management of the world's plant variety and local farm heritage.

  • 8AM–4:30PM
  • 8AM–4:30PM
  • 8AM–4:30PM
  • 8AM–4:30PM
  • 8AM–4:30PM
  • 8AM–4:30PM
  • 8AM–4:30PM

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