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Filoli is a 654-acre suburban property, acknowledged as a historical sight in California and listed in the National Registry of Historic Monuments. It has been a National Historic Landmark since 1975, situated 30 miles from San Francisco and considered one of the best-preserved early 20th century suburban manors. The estate provides exceptional, restorative opportunities for the entire community on a seasonal basis.

Engineered by California architect Willis Polk, this Georgian Renaissance manor house, set in 16 acres of formal gardens and over 600 acres of forest, was constructed for William B. Born II. Its mirrored pools, official gardens, pergolas and shadowed walks were projected to blend in seamlessly with the surrounding San Andreas hills. The breathtaking scenery is the hallmark of a landscaped garden that amazes with its magnitude and demonstrates the variety of flora in California.

The first owner of Filoli, William Bowers Bourn II, came up with the extraordinary name " Filoli ", bringing together the first two letters from the core messages of his own statement: "Fight for the right cause; Love your neighbor; Live a good life". It took almost three years to finish the construction of the house, and shortly it was followed by the garden and other key elements.

From the historic building and manicured gardens to the extensive manor house and country paths, Filoli is an excellent location to discover the wonder of beauty and serenity at another time. Visitors can enjoy a cafe, a drink a wine cup or an after lunch tea while they are there. Filoli also offers a range of activities, ranging from home and territory tours, art exhibitions, training programs and specialized events.

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