Huntsville botanical garden

Huntsville botanical garden

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Open throughout the year, the Huntsville Botanical Garden provides a variety of ecosystems to study over 112 acres. Starting from grassy meadows to wooded pathways, from water life to amazing floral collections, Garden welcomes visitors from all ages to explore the glory and miracle of the environment. Stroll down nature trails admiring the collections of Alabama’s local flower collections.

Enjoy playing around Kindergarten after experiencing butterflies fluttering in the biggest outdoor butterfly lodge in the United States. Discover serenity in the chilly shadow of the woods, in an environment surrounded by the noises of nature. With extra attractions, exhibitions and activities all year round, the Garden is a place for plant preservation, learning and festivities for all.

In plus, the Garden offers plenty of open and closed spaces to enjoy all the major moments of your life, like graduation nights, showers, birthdays and anniversaries and lots more. Contact the special events team for more details.