Hearst Castle Gardens

Hearst Castle Gardens

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In California, there are many mansions, where movie stars and technical intermediaries build castles, and in addition to the abandoned are added wings, swimming pools and yoga halls. But there is not much closer to Hearst Castle. Generously planned by Julia Morgan as the home of Baron William Randolph Hearst, the building, which was finished in 1947, is an unusual sanctuary of luxury and abundance. Currently located in one of California’s most popular gardens, it is a must-visit destination, a breathtaking extravagance with a palace of 165 rooms, 127 acres of patio gardens, water fountains and swimming pools, and finally, charming scenery of the Sunshiny Central Coast.

It is very simple to stay in San Simeon for a day or longer while studying the palace and its surroundings: the city on the Central Coast has a wide variety of accommodations, from ordinary to great. Begin your day with either a special tour of the main house of Hearst Castle or a specific tour of the houses; arrive in November or December to discover the mansion, decorated in a very special way. You can also visit the San Simeon Ranch Heart winery, founded by William Randolph Hearst’s great-grandson Steve.

A stroll through the lush gardens of Hearst Castle will amaze you with sensual overwork, with flowers, fragrances and beautiful blends at each step. Even if you can’t tell the difference between grass and wisteria, you will experience a stroll through 127 acres of gardens and terraces, all conceived by William Randolph Hearst and styled by architect Julia Morgan. There is always something in color. Associate professors are often ready to respond to questions: they are often asked about some hidden secrets of this garden, such as that shadowy corner where famous Hollywood Golden Age stars, regular visitors to Hearst, are used to stealing on an illegal date.