Cornerstone Gardens Sonoma

Cornerstone Gardens Sonoma

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Situated on Highway 121, north of Cline Winery and in close proximity to Sonoma Airport, the Cornerstone is directly on the road with a giant orange stool that will accompany you. A big parking lot is available with lots of space, but it could be filled at some of the tense moments like weekends and occasions, so be careful.

The reality is big and wide, with lots of areas to learn. In front of all is the stores.The stores have a cheerful atmosphere with many original plants, wooden stools and other decorations in the very same style. Right in the center of the building is an excellent restaurant “Park 121”. There are also several wineries for tasting.


Leaving the stores and wineries, you will reach the major point of interest – gardens.The first place you will see is a large orange chair, which is extremely famous on social networks. Heading forward, the gardens are located at a distance from each other, and each of them is locked and different from the others.
While some gardens are planted with pretty flowers, others have attractive activities and artwork to enjoy with well-groomed plants.

Wish Garden

In this garden there was a pile of sharp and red/silver ribbons, which could be ripped off and you could make a wish.

Wind wheels

In the center of the rear was an enormous range of different colored wind wheels. They rotated with the direction of the wind and rotated as you walked.


In the depths of the gardens there is a pond with one bench.

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